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The family-owned company with German roots has been honing its technologies and production processes for more than 50 years in order to create distinctive products with a global reputation. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has established them as a leader in their field and brought them a devoted customer base and numerous industry awards. Now available in more than 50 nations, Krah products are also available in the Philippines, where Krah Pipes Manila Inc. is a proud manufacturer.

Krah Pipes presents an alternative idea. Krah Pipes, in contrast to fixed standard solutions, allow pipe profiles to be modified to meet particular project needs and applicable standards.

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    100 Years Life Span

    The operating costs are reduced by low initial investment costs and a service life of over 100 years
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    Tailor-made Design

    According to your project requirements
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    UV Resistant

    Resistant to atmospheric corrosion and UV radiation.
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    100% tight joints, no infiltration, and exfiltration. 100% leak-free.
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    Earthquake Proof

    Even in the event of earth movement, the pipes are secure against damage.
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    What bends does not break.
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    Smooth Interior

    Minimize fluid friction and flow resistance.
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    Eady to handle, easy to transport.
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    High Impact Strength

    Strong pipes that can withstand impacts throughout shipment, installation and the entirety of their service lives are ensured by high impact resistance, even at low temperatures.
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    In comparison to current traditional pipe materials, smaller pipe diameters can be used because of their excellent hydraulic properties.